Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where Is Your Treasure?

There was a talk in the past General Conference that I just loved.
It's called "Where Your Treasure Is" by Elder Michael John U. Teh of the Seventy.

The reason I loved it is because it made me feel a bit uncomfortable, which to me meant that it was something I really needed to hear. It's based on the scripture in Matthew 6:21...

For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also.

Elder Teh shares that "there is no end to what the world has to offer, so it is critical that we learn to recognize when we have enough." Think about this! There are always more clothes to buy, more shoes to drool over, more magazines to get in the mail, more hairstyles to try, more more more!!!! More things that we think we need to have. A new iPhone or the latest iPod. A new television or shiny car. Seriously, I could go on and on with the "things" that the world tells us to buy and be happy with until a newer product comes out.

This is why it's CRITICAL that we pay attention to where our focus is. We can easily be swept into this need-need-need and buy-buy-buy trend. We can waste our time, money, and thoughts on things that really have to importance. 

So the question here would be what does have importance?

It's the things that last the longest that have the most importance. 
Our families, our covenants, our relationships, our talents, our testimonies.
Those are the things that contain true happiness and that last!!
These are our eternal treasures :)

To help us focus on our spiritual and eternal treasures, Elder Teh helps guide us through four ways that we can "lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven."

As I said, I felt like I really needed to hear this talk. And I greatly appreciated these four topics as ways to evaluate and refocus my life. Where am I spending my time? Where am I placing importance? What treasures am I trying to build up for heaven?

I hope that you will read/listen to this talk again and think about where your time, thoughts, and heart at at. Are you spending it on temporal objects or spiritual gems?

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