Saturday, August 16, 2014

Get Ready for Back-to-School with Stand & Shine Magazine!

In just over 2 weeks we'll be releasing our Fall 2014 Issue of Stand & Shine Magazine!
It will be full of Back-to-School tips and fun ideas for Fall!

But to get in the spirit of Back-to-School right now, 
we want to share a few ways you can get ready for the school year to begin!!


1. Set some goals.

What do you want to happen this school year? What time/prep will you have to put into your classes? What extracurricular activities do you want to be involved in? How will you make sure your physically and mentally prepared each day? How are you going to make time for scripture study and prayer each day? 

It may seem silly to ask yourself these questions, but do it! Think about what expectations you have for yourself and what person you want to be by the end of the school year. We recommend setting a goal for each of the following areas (though of course you can add more!) and writing your specific goals in your journal. Keep track of your progress weekly or monthly.

2. Update a few items in your wardrobe.

Besides using your Mom's credit card, there many other ways you can easily add new clothing to your closet. You can refashion jeans into a new pair of shorts or transform one of your Dad's old shirts into a trendy new tee. Check out our Modest Fashion Pinterest Board for some of our favorite fashion ideas to help you get started! The great thing will be that you can spend less for unique items that no one else at your school will have!

3. Be Positive.

School is stressful!! We know! You'll have assignments and papers to write, tests to study for. You'll have teachers who bug you and classmates who drive you crazy. And of course the social drama of boys and parties and friends. SO. MUCH. CHAOS.

And with all of this going on it's easy to get dragged down. Whether it's not feeling up to par with your grades or maybe even questioning your self-worth, there will be ups and downs during the year. The best way to tackle this is to find ways of staying positive that work for YOU. Maybe it's leaving little happy quotes in your locker or bedroom (find some happy quotes here). Maybe it's moving your scripture study to the morning before school so that you leave the house feeling the spirit with you (find scripture study ideas here). Maybe it's writing in your journal each day about the good things that happened to you that day, not focusing on anything negative (find journal ideas here).

4. Refresh your hair style.

This can be done by going extreme with a new hair cut or just finding a few new hair-do's to try out. Adding some fun DIY headbands or other hair accessories can also spruce up your hair style so it feels fresh and new!! Check out our Hair Pinterest Board for some fun and easy ideas.

5. Remember.

Most of all remember. Remember that you are loved by God. Remember that you are His daughter. Remember that we go through hard things but that God is right there with us. You are strong. You are bright. And you can do amazing things this year!!

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