Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tools For Memorizing "The Living Christ"

A few years ago, our Stake gave us the challenge of memorizing The Living Christ. I thought, WHAT?!?!?! That document is huge!
Seven hundred and sixteen words HUGE!

And sadly, I didn't do it.

For some reason that's always nagged on me.
Especially when I hear people share how they memorized it
and the strength they have felt from knowing those words by heart.

In this last General Women's Meeting, Sister Neill F. Marriott shared a story of the 900 Young Women in Alaska who memorized The Living Christ. Their influence led Sister Marriott to make a goal of memorizing it on her own by Christmas. I thought it was a great goal!

So if you're interested in memorizing The Living Christ
we've gathered a few helpful ideas and resources from around the web. :)

I know that memorizing The Living Christ will strengthen your testimony.
The Holy Ghost will bear witness to you that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that this
is His true and everlasting gospel.

Happy Memorizing!


*And note that this would be an awesome 10-hour value project*


The site Book of Mormon Discovery has incredible resources including flashcards, study materials, and a specific week by week study plan if you want to memorize The Living Christ in just 12 weeks!
You can find all of this FREE study help here.

From LDS Handouts you can download the 15 cards to help you memorize each part of The Living Christ. It might be a great way to break it into 15 weeks of studying and memorizing!

At LDS Notebooking you can find a workbook and fill-in-the-blank pages to help you with memorizing!

This flip chart from Blog My Heart & Home could be a great tool!

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