Wednesday, August 6, 2014

If You Only Knew...

I came across this little poster on Pinterest and it brought out the poet in me :)
Read below for a little reminder of who you are.

And let's not make fun of my poetic genius, k? Haha.

If You Only Knew...
by marci preece

Under your skin and those curves that you hide.
Something is special, trying to shine.

Behind your lips that hold back a smile
a giggle is waiting to get out for a while.

Hidden by freckles and speckles and more
a sweetness resides that is hard to ignore.

Your eyes focus outward to see another's view
when inward lies the beauty that will always be true.

For deep within the heart of your heart
you are a girl with an amazing part.

You have a gift from our Father above
to nurture, to shine, to share, and to love.

You have a purpose and reason to be.
You have a light that allows others to see.

Please don't hold back the goodness within
because you can't see what's under your skin.

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