Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Journal Prompts for the End of Summer

When I was growing up and into my college years, I was AWESOME at writing in my journal. I mean, the bomb-diggity. I would write almost every day and was very comfortable at pouring out my drama-filled soul. 

All those pages and pages about BOYS! Ack!

But the last few years I can't say that I've been that great at keeping my journal. Life starts feeling mundane or that it's just on repeat each day (like Groundhog Day). Do you ever feel that way? And sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to read about what a bought at the grocery store or when I finally put my laundry away. 

However, reading my old journals brings such an excitement and a flooding of memories. I love looking back into my 8-year-old world full of bike rides and icky boys. Or sneaking a peak into the drama of being 17 again and worrying about dances or football games or friends. And though some of it can be repetitive, there are so many gems throughout that I am SO THANKFUL that I wrote in my journal.

When I was in college, I happened to write quite thoroughly about "some boy" who I eventually ended up dating and marrying. I am so glad that I will be able to share those thoughts and experiences with my kids. Thought they will probably think it's gross that Mom & Dad dated and kissed and blah blah blah. Ha!

So why am I sharing this? Well for two reasons. First as a reminder to myself that I love writing in my journal and that I need to jump back on the journal-wagon. And second, to encourage you to write as well! It could be on a blog, in a notebook, making a scrapbook, on a calendar, drawing pics, etc. Whatever works for you, do it! You will be creating a gem so precious, a keepsake so full of memories and life, that you will treasure it forever.

Remember that adorable scene towards the end of the movie UP when Carl sees the pictures and notes that Ellie put in her scrapbook called the "My Adventure Book"? It meant so much to him to see what his sweetheart enjoyed and loved in her life. And it can be the same for us and our families. Journals are such a great way to preserve those adventures and to share them as well.

And if you're stuck, here are a few prompts to get you going. So jump in and journal!!

Share your favorite experience from this summer.

What is your current favorite scripture and why.

Who is your best friend and what makes them so great.

Write about one fun thing your family has done this summer.

Why are you excited (or not excited) for school to start again.

What are your goals for the school year.

What are you doing for your Personal Progress projects.

Who is your current hero and why.

What was your favorite talk in the past General Conference and why.

Where do you see yourself in one year? Five? Ten? Twenty?

Who's your crush. For real, we know you have one.

What was an embarrassing moment you had this past year.

How have you shared the gospel this summer.

What qualities have you been striving to develop.

List all of the things you love about yourself.

What's your favorite YW value and why.

That should give you a good start :) Happy Journaling!

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