Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Things Friday: Book of Mormon Reading Charts

I'm crazy about organizing my life! I like checklists and to-do lists and for some reasons that's always helped me with my scripture study as well. If I have a little chart to keep track of my reading, I seem to read longer and more throughout the year.

How about you?
Do you need help keeping track of your reading each day?
Here are a few of our favorite reading charts to get you started with your reading of The Book of Mormon! 

And just a few practical tips to get you started on reading The Book of Mormon:

1. Set a goal. When do you want to finish reading? (one month, six months, a year, etc.)

2. When will you read each day? (before school, before bed, etc.)

3. How will you keep track? (a chart, journal, etc.)

4. How will you celebrate when you reach your goal? Think of something fun to say, "I did it!!!"

If you want to read The Book of Mormon in a specific amount of time,
this chart will be super helpful for you.

And below you will find a ton of charts to help you keep track of your reading!
Happy Reading!

Found on Pinterest - could not find original source

Found on Pinterest - couldn't find on host site.

(also has a 90 day schedule)

Found on Pinterest - couldn't find on host site

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