Monday, January 5, 2015

Read the Book of Mormon in 2015!

Oh man.
School starts back up today.
The fun holiday break is over.
Such a bummer. Am I right?

To help you get back into the groove of things
(especially in regards to reading your scriptures)
we want to share an awesome group called Book of Mormon 365
that you can follow on Facebook or Instagram!

Each day they post a pic:

And those are the scriptures to read that day!
By the end of 2015 you will have read the entire Book of Mormon!!!
What a great way to get reminders and keep up on your scripture reading!

......And if you're thinking that since 2015 already started you'll be way behind, not true! 
The pic above is today's reading so you'll just have to read the first 3 chapters 
of 1 Nephi to catch up. See? Not bad at all.

So join us in the BofM 365 Challenge to read your Book of Mormon in 2015!

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