Monday, January 26, 2015

Come, Follow Me - Service Principles for January

All of you know about the new curriculum for youth Come, Follow Me that is being used in your Sunday School classes as well as YM/YW. It's a great new program that helps emphasize class discussion, personal study, and following the spirit in your learning.

At you are being encouraged to use the principles that you learn in those classes to help you live the 2015 theme found in D&C 4:2 of serving God with "all your heart, might, mind and strength."

As you think about this, what comes to mind? Is there a specific friend or family member that you feel could need a greater understanding of who God is? That God loves them? That they are His child?

You can find many scriptures and resources that will help you gain a greater understanding of Heavenly Father and strengthen your own testimony of Him. Study and pray for that testimony. As you do, this will help you to be able to reach out and teach others from personal experience.

So, think about it. How can you help others to learn about Heavenly Father?
And if you have an experience in doing this, please share! 

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