Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3 Easy-to-Use Journaling Products

Journaling is something that can seem overwhelming. The trick is finding what works for you! Maybe your BFF can write novels each night in her journal but you're stuck at "Dear Diary." Take a look at the following ideas and see if one of them fits your style and personality. 

Before I share these 3 products that I love, I must note these are products that either I have used myself or that close friends of mine have loved. I am not being paid to write about them...I really just love them and wanted to share!!  

Happy Journaling!


Do you use Instragram? If so, Chatbooks is a really easy way to print your IG photos and captions. If you download the free App and create a subscription to Chatbooks, you will automatically be sent a new Chatbook every 60 pictures for just $6 each book and no shipping charges.

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

This fun journal from Urban Outfitters is a simple way to include five years worth of journaling in one book! Each day has five sections - one per year. What a fun way to look back at what you were doing a year ago or more! And even though the cost is $16.95, it's not bad considering you'll be able to use the journal for the next five years!

May Designs Notebooks

For a customizable notebook you can find a great little option at May Designs. You can choose the cover pattern, add a monogram, and choose what calendar or pages you want inside. This is a great option for journaling because you could write a little snippet on the calendar of what you did that day or perhaps a longer entry on a weekly page. The prices seem to start around $19 and change according to what you customize.

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