Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pinterest Roundup: 2015 Mutual Theme - O Ye That Embark (Round 2)

Remember our first post with 2015 Mutual Theme ideas
Well, there are just so many cute ideas out there that we needed to share more!!

So here is Round 2 of 2015 Mutual Theme ideas!!!!! Enjoy!


Learn how to make this Anchor Charm Bracelet
at Chalkboard Blue!! Isn't it adorable?

This creative Sailboat is made from fabric scraps and drift wood!
The original source is in a different language, but you can use the picture as inspiration.

We love this cute and easy-to-make Glitter Anchor Tee!
Buggy & Jellybean has a great tutorial for you!

This fun idea could easily be adapted and used at a YW activity - 
"Stranded at Sea Emergency Kits" from Carrie at Cue the Confetti.

Something Turquoise shares how to make Hand-Stamped Muslin Favor Bags
that could be used for an activity or birthday gift!

DIY Nautical Totes could be fun at Girls Camp or for a weeknight activity!
Tutorial from Bayside Bride is easy and simple!

We love this girl-centered and creative poster 
by Susan Finch that you can download from her site.

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