Thursday, February 5, 2015

Acts of Love: Bishopric Must-Stache

For today's Act of Love we wanted to share this GREAT idea of a Bishopric Must-Stache!

You're Bishopric puts in a lot of time and service into their callings,
sometimes they probably feel like they spend more time at the church than home!
So why not do something to show your appreciation for them by leaving them a "Stache" of goodies!

You can also find a similar take on it at the Farnsworth Blog.
The Young Women put on their best mustaches, went to the store for some treat-shopping,
and then presented it to the Bishopric in a cute little bucket that can stay in the Bishop's office.

What a fun idea, huh?

What other service could you do for your Bishopric? 

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