Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Plan of Salvation

This month's Come Follow Me topic is The Plan of Salvation
and I just have to say that I'm LOVING it!

For the first Sunday I prepared the lesson: What is The Plan of Salvation?

While preparing the lesson, I figured that our girls would be bored and this would just something they've heard a million time. But our Miamiad's had SO many questions about The Plan that I was shocked! Of course I answered as best I could using the scriptures and other church sources. On some questions I just had to say, "I don't know!" We ended up only talking about the order of The Plan and the girls' questions, and soon our time was up! The girls asked if we could continue the lesson the following week and so of course we did!

I was so glad that they were thinking and analyzing and pondering! It brought so many things to my mind that I wanted to learn more about as well! But it also gave us an opportunity to realize that we don't know everything and we must have faith that God knows those details.

I am thankful for the knowledge that God has given us of His Plan! We ARE daughters of God and we CAN live with Him again! What a beautiful and wonderful thing to know.

*And if you're interested, here is the handout I made so that the girls could have a visual of The Plan and also a list of the questions I wanted them to think about.

We also used this lesson to help the girls pass of Faith Value Experience #6 while in class. They could also do Individual Worth #1 at home since it relates!

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