Saturday, October 18, 2014

DIY Modest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is less than two weeks away (hooray!!)
but finding a modest Halloween costume can sometimes feel impossible.
I'm mean, really?!?! Sometimes I just don't even want to dress up for Halloween
because there isn't a costume I would wear!

So, making your own might be your best option 
and we've gathered a few to kickstart your imagination!

Scarecrow: Jeans, plaid shirt, floppy hat, and add some cute face paint! (source)

Ms. Frizzle: Just tape on some planets and start to a solid colored dress and add a lizard! (source)

Cat Lady: Robe, pajamas, plus oodles of cats stuck on you!!! Piece of cake! (source)

Facebook: Get it? Easy one. And hilarious. (source)

Candy Rappers: Wear shades, a hooded jacket, and just add wrappers! (source)

A Bunch of Grapes: Tape balloons all over and add some leaves on your head! (source)

Black Cat: Just wear black, add some cat-like make up, and you could make ears out of black felt! (source)

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Just find items of clothing in your closet in the right solid colors
and then add words and buttons with paper and tape! (source)

Mummy: Cut up a king sized bed sheet into stripes and wrap up tight! (source)

Potato Head: You'll needs some fabric for this, but you just need to sew a big potato and 
stuff it with pillows, newspaper, etc. Add whatever face you'd like!!! (source)

A Bad Case of the Stripes: I love this book and what an easy and fun costume just using paint!(source)

Candy Bars: Make shirts with candy bar logos on them!!! (source)

Rag Doll: You can check out instructions here to make this cute wig and costume! (source)