Saturday, September 27, 2014

Deep Beauty

A quick reminder that tonight is the General Women's Meeting!! See you there!


Beauty is usually defined as your physical appearance.
And we've asked you with the Stand & Shine Beauty Challenge 
to look for that beauty, the outward beauty.

Today we want to encourage you to think about another aspect of beauty as your taking on this challenge because the MOST IMPORTANT part of beauty is not defined by your body.
Elaine S. Dalton calls this "Deep Beauty."

Watch this video to listen to a great excerpt from her talk Remember Who You Are! from the April 2010 General Young Women's Meeting.

Isn't that a wonderful reminder!!!
Our beauty lies in WHO WE ARE and not just what our body looks like.
And as we build Deep Beauty, it will also show outwardly.
Here are some of the things Sister Dalton said about Deep Beauty:

Deep Beauty shines from the inside out.

Deep Beauty cannot be painted on, surgically created, or purchased.

Deep Beauty doesn't wash off.

Deep Beauty is spiritual attractiveness.

Deep Beauty springs from virtue.

Deep Beauty comes from being chaste and morally clean.

Deep Beauty is earned through faith, repentance, and honoring covenants. 

We do need to accept and love our bodies. Be grateful for them.
The world wants us to be dissatisfied with how we look so that we will buy into
their ideas of beauty and fashion and happiness.

But as your take the Beauty Challenge, also remember that you have beauty inside.
A strong spirit. A unique heart and mind.
You are a daughter of God with great purpose and potential within you.

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